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Cost of Living Survey 2022

This survey also features in the print and digital copies of Seniors Voice. Results from each channel will be pulled into the final report delivered after thesurvey and polls close (end of September 2022).

Why we need to hear from you?

  • Recently released rental figures state that the Northern Territory has the second highest rents in Australia.
    Areyou struggling to meet the rising costs of rent? Vote in the Quick Questions poll.
  • We want to help ensure you can afford to pay for medical treatment.
    Are you choosing not to get treatment because you can't afford it?Vote in the Quick Questions poll.
  • Power bills have risen throughout the westernised world, as current world events impact economies.
    Can you still pay your power bills?Vote in the Quick Questions poll.

If you need to contact us about your concerns, COTA NT is here to listen to its Seniors' Voices. Please contact us.

We appreciate you taking the time to take the survey below.

  • Cost of Living Survey 2022

    This survey consists of 19 questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete. COTA NT uses the results of this survey to provide evidence-based research in its lobbying of government and media. It is very important that as the peak advocacy body for seniors in the Territory that we are aware of how people feel about the cost of living and about being in the Territory as they grow older in relation to financial security.

COTA NT is revisiting its Cost of Living Survey, first completed in 2020 in order to compare the situation two years on. Topics in this survey included: residency in the Northern Territory, demographics, financial security, employment status, employment sector, annual income and highest expense impacting cost of living.

The findings of the 2020 Survey can be accessed here.

In the second issue of Seniors Voice 2022, COTA policy outlining 37 recommendations for the 47th Parliament of Australia included issues around retirement income and housing availability. Two articles focus on the increasing costs of housing in the Northern Territory and a potentially bleak 'couch surfing' future for older women in the Territory particularly.

You can read this issue here.


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